Q. What’s the difference between Caged, Cage Free, Free Range and Pasture Raised eggs?

A. Caged: under 8 x 10 inches per hen and are caged for life

Cage Free: average 1 square foot per hen and not caged, but are inside a barn for life

Free Range: protective barns with doors to 2+ square feet per hen outside pasture space under open skies (weather permit)

Pasture Raised: protective barns with doors to 108+ square feet per hen year-round outside pasture space under open skies.


We are 100% Free Range and Pasture Raised and committed to continually raising the natural quality of life for our hens.

Q. What ingredients make up your hen feed?

A. Our hen feed contains a mix of the following ingredients (all Non-GMO): corn, soybeans (typically a combination of soybeans and meal), wheat (seasonal), limestone, vitamins and salt.

Q. I cannot have soy. Are there are any options for me?

A. Blue Sky Family Farms does offer a specific Soy Free line of eggs. The ingredients in this hen feed are a mix of the following ingredients (all Non-GMO): corn, canola meal, limestone, salt, vitamins, lysine, ronozyme, econase, and fishmeal.  

Q. What is an Organic egg?

A. USDA Certified Organic eggs are produced by Free Range chickens that are fed certified organic feed. This means that there have not been any chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides sprayed on the feed that comes from fields where their grain is produced. The eggs are certified organic by Quality Certification Services (QCS).

Q. What do you do with all your male chicks?

A. We source our chicks already hatched (as do all commercial egg companies and most back yard flocks) from certified humane suppliers. Unfortunately at this time, virtually all chick suppliers euthanize male chicks when they hatch. Our vision is to see a time where all hatching chicks are valued. We are committed to influencing our suppliers’ humane practices and with technology advances hatcheries have announced that they will soon have the ability to determine the sex of eggs shortly after they are laid to allow only hens to hatch.

Q. Your cartons look different, what are they made of?

A. Our new Blue Sky Family Farms Hybrid cartons are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Fiber trays are made of 100% recycled, post-consumer newsprint. Water based soy inks are used in printing. The Hybrid carton is wider, longer and higher than standard cartons. This allows more space between eggs and lowered breakage. Compression testing shows cartons withstanding over 130 pounds before any eggs breaking.

Q. Can I come visit a farm?

A. Due to biosecurity reasons, we do not allow any public visits of our farms. However please see our YouTube page for videos of all our facilities.

For more information about our our company, please visit our Egg Innovations parent page.

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